The world of photography has been fascinating me for three decades. My father's AE1, first, the projection of slides... At college then, the discovery of darkroom, the first steps in Black and White. Temporarily interrupted by the studies, my photography activity then deals the B&W. It is also the beginning of a long collaboration with Fred, who was the first of us to invest in a lab: Grains de Folie was born. Since then, each of us followed his own way, but kept a common spirit.

Photography is above all a pleasure. The pleasure of artisanal work, mixed with the precision of devices and process so specific to photography. Also the pleasure to take a rest from a (too) active life, taking time to print on film and paper some moments, glances, little things, souvenirs...
As a fan of the Slow Photography concept (french site) imagined by a friend of mine, I dot not have a large production, and the portfolio presented here is being prepared along my leisure time.

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